Guest Post: The Need for Positive Thinking

This guest post is by philanthropist and businesswoman Heather Robinson (pictured above). She's one of the social good community's most vocal and vibrant members. Skilled at raising money for charities and causes close to her heart, she aims to be constantly involved. The power of negative thinking has been addressed by two well-respected publications this year. Those posts are quite the conversation starters. Heather's perspective is much different – and one I wholeheartedly agree with. Enjoy!


"The Need for Positive Thinking" by Heather Robinson 

Photo Courtesy of Larys Kaziukonis' Blog

I came across an article recently touting the "power of negative thinking". The piece proclaimed, among other things, that a uniformly positive mindset could produce an unrealistic outlook. A provocative, thought-provoking opinion to be sure.

But here is the way I see it: one can have a turbo-charged, positive vision, so to speak, and be mindful of the power and presence of negativity. This completely describes the way I deal with the realities of the world. Having a positive mindset actually greatly informs my life. The educational initiatives and charity-focused events I've helped to conceptualize didn't spring from a negative mindset. My ideas are born from perpetual enthusiasm.

We all know people who build their lives on the mountains of negativity: making an effort to hold people back; misrepresenting themselves both personally and professionally. I could go on for days with examples of reprehensible behavior. The world is not in short supply of negativity, but rather, in desperate need of meaningful, life-affirming optimism.

When wrongs and atrocities are being confronted, the solutions that work, and work well, employ a balance: guided by what's positive, mindful of what's negative, but encouraged by what's realistically possible. So thinking pessimistically about life is not the answer, at least not from my perspective. There are some basic views that I am forever invested in: 

  • "Goodness pays huge dividends, over and over again"
  • "When the sun rises, it rises for everyone"
  • "The world is at its best when it embraces diversity"

These views and others come from being unimpeachably cheerful. It's the way I think, and, the way I live. Gotta love it. So don't be afraid to rock what's positive. Always.

This post orginally appreared on Heather Robinson's blog, Love, Charity, and Basketball, where she addresses philanthropy, happiness, self-empowerment, and other issues. This was posted here with permission from the author.