5 Things It’s OK to Do in Social Media in 2014 (or any year)

I always make New Years Resolutions. Always. Some of my 2013 resolutions included doing a TED Talk, launching a video series, and working to help make Giving Tuesday bigger and better than the first year. Though my personal involvement with TEDx and video production (which can’t come soon enough) will have to wait until early 2014, I am most happy that I delivered on my Giving Tuesday pledge. Being a Giving Tuesday Ambassador is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. Ever.
In 2014, I will continue doing many of the things that I know have contributed to my personal social media success, while also making necessary tweaks and enhancements along the way. I just recently crossed 90,000 tweets (on Christmas Day). It is a feat that I couldn’t even conceive when I first joined Twitter in January of 2009. Lots of lessons along the way. Huge successes, stalled projects, and spectacular failures that have made me the person I am.
So let me tell you a few of the things I believe its ok to do in social media:

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How To Be An Effective Giving Tuesday Ambassador

When I was approached about being a Giving Tuesday Ambassador in Spring of 2013, I jumped at the opportunity. I love making a difference, and, helping people move from point great to point awesome. I remembered the first Giving Tuesday in 2012, and how involved Bill and Melinda Gates were, and I started thinking, “this clearly is something that can become a vehicle to connect every corner of the planet.” Continue reading

The Two Social Media Questions I Get Asked The Most

Whenever I speak to students, professional groups, businesses, and nonprofits, I get asked lots of questions: How would you define social media?, What is social media law?, Why are you a big supporter of more collaboration in the online space?, What is it like being a Giving Tuesday Ambassador? or, What’s behind your pen name 2morrowknight, and how did you pick it? All very relevant questions, and I enjoy answering them.

But I notice that two questions always emerge, especially for those trying to get a handle on bolstering their social media presence, and identifying the people who will be genuine supporters of their work. Let me answer both of them:

(1) “How do you build a following on Twitter and other social media sites? – Everyone is different in terms of their approach. When I opened Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin accounts in January 2009, I decided to concentrate on one platform – Twitter – for one year. I built it up through a variety of methods. I used Twitter Search nearly everyday to see who was retweeting a link. When I copied a blogpost title and pasted it in search, I got to see the hundreds of people – executives, social media managers, journalists, and the average user – sharing that post. That always leaves a powerful impression on me. I have been doing that for years.  Continue reading

Creating the Life You Want: Tips for a Better You in 2014

This guest post comes courtesy of journalist Chanda Temple (pictured above). She worked for two decades as a reporter, covering the people who were shaping and driving the news. Like many of us, she loves strategy, coaching, and spirituality, so she wrote a post (below) that touches on those topics, and, gives the reader a blueprint for what’s possible in 2014 and beyond. This is her first guest post on my blog, and I am honored with her presence. Enjoy! Continue reading

Is Gratitude One of Your Social Media Best Practices?

Throughout my time in the social space, I have sat in on many speeches and workshops where strategists offered differing opinions on everything: the kinds of apps one should use, the number of hashtags to include in a post, how many social networks we should be on, and, whether programmed tweets and the so-called “humble brag” turn off your followers.

Ask one hundred thousand people and you will likely get one hundred thousand, slightly different versions of what’s acceptable. I certainly have my views. But, one thing should never, ever be in doubt: that showing gratitude is a necessary and effective, social media best practice. In fact, I would also say its the most important.
Whenever I’m consulting or simply giving advice to digital newbies, I always recommend a healthy dose of gratitude. For example, I can’t possibly thank everyone who retweets me, so I make a point of thanking a number of people every day, and retweet and favorite others. (I vividly remember Cory Booker thanking me twice over the years – in twitter direct message – for sharing his quotes). On Facebook and Google Plus, I often like or +1 something on the page of everyone who likes or +1s a particular post of mine. It may seem time consuming, but its a great way to give back to your supporters, and show your appreciation. 

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